Wes Streeting Warns Voters Against Tory Return as Labour Surge Predicted in Polls

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Wes Streeting Warns Voters Against Tory Return as Labour Surge Predicted in Polls

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting has cautioned voters against complacency as recent polls predict a significant Labour victory in the upcoming general election. Speaking on Sky News’s Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips, Streeting emphasised the stark choice facing the electorate and criticised the Conservative manifesto as akin to “Liz Truss’s budget on steroids.” He warned that re-electing the Conservative government could result in “a nightmare on Downing Street.”

Wes Streeting Warns Voters Against Tory Return As Labour Surge Predicted In Polls

Streeting’s remarks come amid a series of polls suggesting a bleak outlook for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government. One poll indicates the Conservatives could secure only 72 seats, a dramatic reduction from their current standing. Despite these projections, Streeting urged Labour supporters not to assume victory is assured, using the metaphor of not handing “the matches back to the arsonists to finish the job.”

In a separate interview, cabinet minister Mark Harper insisted that the Conservative Party is fighting hard for every vote. Harper echoed his party’s warning that casting ballots for Reform UK, led by Nigel Farage, could inadvertently hand Labour a large majority and “a blank cheque” in government.

The political landscape has been further complicated by a recent survey showing Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party overtaking the Conservatives for the first time. This development underscores the shifting dynamics and uncertainties as the election approaches.

As the election date draws near, both major parties are ramping up their campaigns, with Labour focusing on healthcare, economic stability, and reversing Conservative policies, while the Tories stress fiscal responsibility and warn against potential risks of a Labour-dominated government.

The unfolding political drama promises a contentious and closely watched election, with significant implications for the future direction of the UK.

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