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Home SOUTH WALES A man accused of murdering a five-year old boy has denied lying about putting the child’s body in a sports bag before dumping it in a river

A man accused of murdering a five-year old boy has denied lying about putting the child’s body in a sports bag before dumping it in a river

John Cole, 40, his partner Angharad Williamson, 31, and a youth, 14, deny murdering Logan Mwangi.

His body was found in the River Ogmore in Sarn, Bridgend county, on 31 July.

The trial at Cardiff Crown Court heard Cole did not mention the bag in previous police interviews or statements.

He was asked why he had only mentioned using a Nike sports bag to carry Logan to the river on 1 March, after the prosecution had opened its case.

“You saw the CCTV and realised how close behind you the teenager defendant was and thought you’d have to lie about putting Logan in a bag,” prosecutor Caroline Rees QC said.

Cole denied this and said he could not remember how he got Logan’s body into the bag.

The prosecutor asked him to look at an image from the CCTV and drew attention to a “little white cross”.

“Are they Logan’s arms over your shoulder?” she asked.

Cole said the white was the tick of the Nike logo.

In the March 2022 statement, he said Ms Williamson had handed him the bag and that he had not suggested or asked her to do so.

Ms Williamson told the jury on Tuesday that she had always been “overprotective” of her “perfect” boy.

The court heard Logan’s birth was “difficult”.

“I was so overjoyed with Logan. I loved the bones of that boy,” she said, adding she had breastfed him as a baby and that it was “wonderful”.

She said she had lived with her mother in St Brides, Pembrokeshire, before moving to Broadlands in Bridgend when she started a new relationship. When that broke down, she returned to her mother.

Asked about her relationship with Logan at the time, Ms Williamson said: “It was beautiful. I am quite a needy person and Logan was very cuddly.

“We did everything together. Logan was my little sidekick. He was such a beautiful, happy little boy.

“He was so clever. He wanted to explore the world and see what it was about.”

She said she had been “a teacher’s worst nightmare”.

“I wanted to make sure Logan had everything he needed just in case,” she explained.

“So he would have spare shoes, change of outfits. I used to call them up – asking is he having a good day – I needed to know.”

Ms Williamson said she first met Cole in 2019 and their relationship developed after a one-night stand.

She said at the start, their relationship was “perfect” and she “desperately wanted a perfect little fairy tale family”.

Ms Williamson said she quickly became pregnant but things changed later that year after she took Logan on a trip to London to visit his father.

She told the jury she had been unable to answer calls from Cole because she was suffering from morning sickness.

When she came home to Bridgend he became “cold”, believing she had kissed Logan’s father Ben Mwangi while in London.

She said after this, Cole would accuse Logan of “bringing up London” to “wind him up”.

By Christmas 2019, she had lost touch with her friends and her mother, she told the court.

Shortly after she returned from hospital with the new baby, Cole got angry and put his hands around her neck, she said, saying he could take the baby away.

Ms Williamson said Logan became “needy” and “jealous” after the arrival of the baby.

The court had already heard about an incident where Logan allegedly put a pillow over the new baby’s face.

Ms Williamson said after that, Cole took the baby away for two days, but she was allowed to visit when Logan was at school.

Asked about the way she spoke and had used offensive language, Ms Williamson said: “My vocabulary is atrocious.”

Williamson, Cole and a 14 year-old boy deny murder.

Cole has admitted a charge of perverting the course of justice, which Ms Williamson and the 14-year-old deny.

The two adults are also charged with causing or allowing the death of a child, which they both deny.

The trial continues.

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