We know Bonfire Night will be different this year without the huge displays filling the night’s sky


Current government restrictions mean the usual planned events are not taking place and local councils aren’t holding public events for bonfire night and firework displays.
If you’re thinking of having a firework display at home, remember government guidelines in your local area around household mixing.
If you are planning to use fireworks then please remember the below:

Firework guidance
• Only buy fireworks from a legitimate retailer
• It is illegal to supply fireworks to persons under the age of 18
• It is an offence for under 18’s to have fireworks in a public place.
• Never throw or set off a firework in the street, onto a road or in a public place.
• On Bonfire Night it is illegal to set off fireworks after midnight
• Anyone caught causing a nuisance with fireworks will receive an instant fine and any fireworks found on a person under 18 will be confiscated
• Never use any kind of accelerant i.e. petrol to start a bonfire.
• Be considerate and always inform your neighbours if you are using fireworks
• Ensure your fireworks comply with British Standard 7114 or the European equivalents