Junior Doctors In 48 Hour Walk Out Strike action in Portsmouth Over Contracts

junior doctors in 48 hour walk out strike action in portsmouth over contracts


Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth Junior doctors at the hospital have began their first 48-hour strike within hours as part of their ongoing protest over threats to impose a new contract.

The 50  members of the British Medical Association will provide emergency care only on Wednesday. They are walking out as part of the 38,000 members of the BMA.

More than  approx  50 operations  have been effect and had to a be cancelled over the following two days due to the strike action.


Outpatient clinics at the hospital  are also affected as consultants rearrange their work to cover gaps left by striking medics. Queen Alexandra Hospital is  already at ‘breaking point’ as it struggles to cope with crippling demand placed upon it.

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The Cosham hospital  has been  placed on ‘black alert’  a number of times this year  as it cannot cope with the sheer number of people flooding in for emergency treatment.