Coastguard appeal after explosive flares found on Southsea beach

Portsmouth Coastguard were called out after explosives were found on a beach in Fort Cumberland in Southsea this afternoon

A two-man patrol was sent out to the scene, at Ferry Road,Southsea at about 4pm today

They were confirmed to be Time Expired Pyrotechnics flares – SOS flares which had passed the time limit for safe use. It is thought that the flare may be over twenty years old. The coastguard team made them safe and removed from the scene.

These particular items were hand flares, They can eject up to a height of 1,000ft and burn brightly for around 40 seconds.

The unused flares were discovered by a member of the public while out walking the beach area between the fort and sewage pipe

Portsmouth Coastguard have reminded anyone who discovers suspicious items while out on the coast to keep a safe distance, make a note of its exact location, then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

A spokesman added: “To ensure safety of the public, we urge all users of pyrotechnics to ensure they dispose TEPs appropriately. The time it takes for us to make these items safe, as well as onward transport to a suitable location is time we are unavailable for other taskings.”

The flares were then transported by road to the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre for safe storage and onward disposal.