Crafty Crooks Rob Taxis in Portsmouth

crafty crooks rob taxis in portsmouth

Crafty crooks out for rich pickings in Portsmouth have been targeting local taxis drivers we can revealed

It is understood that over forty cabs in the Portsmouth area have been broken into and cash stolen from their coin dispensers and other vehicles in the city centre have also been hit in the pass two weeks.

Police are warning all motorists to ensure their vehicles are secured and all valuables locked out of sight.

The daring thieves have been striking while taxis are parked in their owners’ driveways or on the street outside their homes while all the lights are on.

And an alert has now been posted on social media by one taxi operator whose window was smashed in and his kitty of cash was stolen.

Cabbies have taken to social media posted on Facebook: “Warning for all, especially taxi drivers in and around Portsmouth area. One wrote : Just had my driver’s side window broken and change dispenser stolen. I ‘ve woken up to this today. Not happy at all, do they not realise that we are self-employed, they aren’t even taking anything other than time from us earning a living!

“The car was in the driveway and they were quite happy to do it at 11.30pm with all the house lights on. One of the neighbours said that they saw two lads on push bikes

After a visit from the police they have told me I ain’t the first and that four or five other taxis have had the same thing happen to them in the Stamshaw area of Portsmouth

Looks like they are targeting taxis but everyone should watch out.

The Aqua Car driver’s post attracted a flurry of comments from fellow cabbies who listed incidents occurring around the and where taxi drivers’ cars had been hit. One posted that Two boys on bikes where seen coming away from taxi in Hilsea last night, this happened to mine in Stamshaw last night, somebody must of seen or know who is doing this.

Police Spokesman said: “A spate of vehicles have been targeted including taxis. The vehicles that have been targeted have had things obviously visible or left in them.

People need to take responsibility to ensure they don’t leave valuables visible in their cars. This little spike is down to people going after money.

No one has been charged in relation to the break-ins police are appealing for information to help with their enquiries.