Teenagers rushed to hospital after Diazepam overdose in local Park

teenagers rushed to hospital after diazepam overdose in local park

Police have confirmed that they are investigating after a number of teenage girls and boys from Portsmouth, aged 13 to 15, were admitted to Queen Alexandra hospital in Cosham

The teenagers had taken a number of tablets, believed to be diazepam, which we understand were shared at Kingston recreation ground on the evening of Wednesday 21 June.

Some of those involved are still receiving treatment, others have been discharged and are recovering at home. No serious illness has been reported at this time.

Police are working to identify all those involved or in possession of the tablets to stop them being shared further.

Portsmouth Neighbourhoods Policing Sergeant Iain Clancy said: “As always we would urge people not to risk their health by taking unknown tablets or substances.

“My team is in touch with local schools to reinforce this advice to young people. We are also working with the investigation team to identify other young people who know about the tablets or have taken any themselves.

“Please contact us if you have any information. Anyone who has taken tablets should seek medical advice.”

For confidential drugs advice visit or call 0300 123 6600.

Anyone with further information or concerns can contact the Portsmouth North Neighbourhood Policing team on 101.