Have you seen Trevor “Stumpy” Swan

have you seen trevor stumpy swan

Posted for a supporter: This is my Brother Trevor Swan, also known by many as “stumpy”. He lives in Portsmouth and is about 5ft 2. We have been unable to contact him for 2 weeks and he was last in contact when he was told his brother was on end of life care.

We have no idea of his whereabouts and family are getting increasingly worried about him.

We really need him to contact us so we know he is ok and can get him to the funeral as his mum wants him and needs him by her side.

This is the most recent photo of him. If anyone has seen him in the last few days or knows him, please either let me know how to get hold of him or ask him to call his mum and let us know where he is and that he’s ok. Leave a message in the comments