Police investigating after man fights off three intruders on his property who were trying to steal his dogs

Police have launched an investigation after three men attempted to force their way into a man’s property to steal his dogs.

Ryan Hesford, 33, sustained minor injuries after he defended himself, according to police and prevented the thieves from stealing his pets, South Yorkshire police have said that nothing was stolen from the property and they are appealing for information about the incident.

Mr Hesford was home alone with his three dogs Wednesday night when he heard someone persistently ringing his doorbell and banging on his door around 9pm, Ryan then  attempted to talk to them via his Ring doorbell, which captures video and allows you to speak through a built in microphone to any doorstep callers. 

But when he couldn’t connect to the doorbell through his phone because of technical difficulties Ryan went to answer the door, The Ring doorbell then captured footage of the three men, two of whom were wearing masks, attempt to shove past Ryan into his home in Doncaster, South Yorks, Ryan then got into a scuffle in which one of the masked men can be seen brandishing a metal bar  one man then manages to get into Ryan’s house, and is seen looking around, trying to find the barking dogs.

But just a few seconds later, one of Ryan’s neighbours was alerted and came to his aid and grabbed one of the other two men away from his front door and the three men can then be seen running off down the road, Ryan a property manager said The whole thing happened within seconds from when I opened my front door.

But I just feel so lucky that the guy who got into my house didn’t manage to open the door of the room where the dogs were. I’m just glad my dogs are safe, Ryan owns two ShihTzu’s and a Pomeranian, which he believes are highly sought dogs on the hit list of dogs going missing at the moment.

Ryan added that he didn’t realise until he watched the footage back later on that evening that one of the men had actually managed to get into his house during the commotion, He said it was scary to watch back but it looks like he panicked after a few seconds of them getting in and then he just left again, The Ring doorbell footage shows one of the men, with a distinctive neck tattoo, knock on Ryan’s front door twice appearing impatient as he waited for an answer, When the dogs started barking from inside the house the men then started to look through front windows and tried to peer in through the blind before knocking on the windows.

Its believed Ryan was actually doing some work on my laptop and I had my headphones in, so I didn’t hear the knocking, I got a notification through the Ring app on my phone via the headphones saying there was motion in my front yard, but I looked at the camera and couldn’t see anything so I thought it was an animal what was wandering around outside, Then I noticed the dogs was jumping up at the window which they only do if someone is outside, the Ring footage then shows Ryan answering the door, and the man with the neck tattoo can be heard saying parcel delivery for Gary, when Ryan tries to tell the man that there is no Gary at his address, the man lunges at him with one of his masked accomplices also lunging for Ryan.

At this point i could tell something wasn’t right Ryan says he seemed really agitated on his feet wanting to get into the house I managed to wrestle two of them out the front, and then I jumped over the wall and alerted my neighbour by banging on his window and they came out to help me that’s when the 3 men ran off up the road.

Ryan has now shared the footage with police and on social media, to get it shared in an attempt to track down the men, Ryan sustained minor injuries from the men who was carrying metal bars. Police were called at around 9pm on Wednesday 7 April 2021 to reports of an attempted burglary at an address in the Thorne area of Doncaster and promptly attended the address officers and scenes of crime was present till around 2am.