Worried Bristol Dad Dressed as Bat Man takes over Southampton Bridge

Southampton,Hampshire Tuesday 19th January 2016
A Bristol man dressed as Batman has spent a second day in freezing temperatures protesting on a bridge in the centre of Southampton.

Southampton,Hampshire A Bristol man dressed as Batman has spent day two in freezing temperatures protesting on a bridge in the Centre of Southampton City. .

Father of three, 29-year-old Nicki Hughes from Hartcliffe in Bristol said that he will keep protesting for ‘as long as it takes’ until he knows his child is safe.
The Dad said that rather than protesting to see his child who is two in December, he just wants to make sure he is safe.
The former PE Teacher said he has been ignored by Social services in his local area and he thinks that his son will end up like Baby P. Nicki said he has tried to do everything, even taking videos of his former partner, also from  Bristol with whom he had 19 month relationship and who has already had two other children taken away her.

He said, “I didn’t know when I first met her that she had an alleged serious drug habit. I was with her for about 8 weeks, then she told me she was pregnant. Before the child was even born social services came around the house saying that they where going to take the child. She managed to fool social workers using the neighbour’s urine sample to fool the drugs tests. My son is very much at risk but it seem to fall on deaf ears.” He added, “””Officers from Hampshire Constabulary turned up on the first day about nine in the morning. They said they had called after I had a complaint made but they have said they are happy for me to stay as long as I don’t swear over the megaphone. People have been really supportive when I tell them why I am here. Some people have been coming up and had selfies with me. A lot of drivers have been sounding their horns showing their support.” ©UKNIP


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