British Army lease Bargate Shopping Centre in Southampton And we are a threat from terrorists 

british army lease bargate shopping centre in southampton and we are a threat from terrorists

We can Exclusively reveal that the British Army have leased the Bargate Shopping for a year to train soldiers against possible terror attacks in the UK. The centre is being converted in a training centre.

A police officer at the centre today revealed that SOUTHAMPTON is very much of a threat from a terror attack. When pushed on what he meant back tracking the officer said well isn’t anywhere
The defunked shopping centre is being used for the first of many major training exercise involving the police and the army.

Soldiers this morning dressed in brown camo uniform have been seen outside the former shopping centre carrying fire arms

The disused Bargate Shopping Centre in the city is being used for what Hampshire Constabulary have described as ‘joint civilian/military training’ in the coming months, with the first event being held today.