Police Recover Firearm from Hinkler Road Home in Southampton

A home in Southampton was surrounded by Armed Police just after 2pm today.

Sammy Brooks who lives near by said that the son of the home owner of the Hinkler Road Property took an other person hostage they managed to call the Police from their mobile.

Witnesses have described Police officers descending on to the Thornhill Estate. One woman who has lived on the estate for over 25 years said ” I saw Police with guns hiding behind the walls of a house and there was a Police officer with a dog stood behind the bush.
They told me to move on and where asking everyone to leave the area. It was pretty scary.

It’s been revealed that onefirearm has been recovered from the address that Police now stand guard at. as armed incident is this afternoon underway in the heart of a city estate.

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Scenes of Crime officers have turned up to the property and officers are carrying out house to house enquiries
A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said an incident was ongoing following a 999 call just after 2pm.

Police this evening have said : Police have arrested two people in connection with an incident earlier today (Thursday, February 25) in Hinkler Road, Southampton.

Officers were called at 2.02pm to a report of two men with weapons in Hinkler Road.

A 16-year-old boy and a 22-year-old man, both from Southampton, have been arrested on suspicion of robbery and are in police custody.

An air weapon was located during a search in connection with this incident.

There will be a police presence in the area this evening and extra patrols will take place to reassure the public.