Inspirational mother of five passes from Cancer whilst family clap for the NHS

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Hayley Davis-Bateman mother to five from Southampton was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31 she had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and as her hair started to grow back. Her family thought she had managed to fight through it but sadly she was told it had spread to her liver and was incurable.

Hayley wrote about her treatment and always reflected with positivity on the outcome no matter what,

In 2019 Hayley wrote:
“• Heartbroken •
A few days ago I went for a scan. The first since I had started a new form of treatment and today I had my results.


Since the summer I have had such a positive attitude towards my treatment. I felt good, my hair has grown, I’ve lost some weight and generally I’m strong (in myself).

Despite being told the cancer was terminal I have lived each day with a smile on my face and presented a positive outlook but today we were dealt a blow even I struggled to come to terms with.

My treatment hasn’t worked and the cancer is growing. This will probably be my last year on earth.

So I’m asking not for sympathy or pity, because in all honestly I’m absolutely crumbling. Instead I’m asking all my friends to write a letter to my children.

Write it on a postcard, a post it note, a piece of scrap paper if you wish. Just please write. Write things you remember about me, memories we share and things we did. Include the best and the worst things about me but please write.

Then even on the worst days they’ll have love and laughter not sadness and tears”

The tough battle for Hayley ended on Thursday 16th April when at 8pm her family as many did went outside at 8pm to applaud the NHS, Hayley now aged 33 passed away whilst inside the family home.

Hayley has left behind her five children, Ellie aged 8, Noah & Willow aged 5 & Calla & Lukasz aged 3 who are now being taken care of by Hayley’s brother and her parents.

Hayley’s Brother has said;
“I’ve been dreading writing these words for a while now but I think now is the time to break some terrible news.


Many of you will have known that Hayley has been fighting a personal battle with cancer for over two years now and after a series of ups and downs, the high where we thought she’d won to the absolute low where we found out it had come back somewhere else with a vengeance, Hayley has finally decided that she’s fought hard enough and it’s time to get some well earned rest.

After her most recent hospital visit, Hayley came home to spend the time she had left with those she loved the most, and in typical Hayley fashion she hung on until 8pm on Thursday so that she could have the country applaud her last breath (my sister always had a flair for the dramatic).

This girl has been a thorn in my side for every one of her 33 years but she will always be my absolute hero. The tenacity and positivity she has shown would be beyond most people, and definitely leaves me in awe. This photo is a couple of years old but it encapsulates how I’ll remember her, as someone full of smiles radiating love from every pore. I can only dream of being as good an uncle as you’ve been an auntie to Isaac. The second photo is to show Hayley as the phenomenal mum she is, surrounded by her beaming children, thank you also to everyone that made that Christmas trip to Disneyland a reality, it meant so much to her that she was able to share that time with her children.”

Hayley’s sister and best friend has said;
“Hayley was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31 she had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and as her hair started to grow back and we thought she had fought through it, she was told it had now spread to her liver and was incurable.

Hayley tried everything offered to her to give herself as much time as possible. She did it all with such positivity. However she went on to be told it was in her bones and brain and had treatment for these, she just couldn’t catch a break.

The disease was very aggressive and she had cancer everywhere but still powered on getting up every day being a mummy to her large family.

But eventually, it won and took over her body and she had no fight left as much as she wanted to keep going to see her children grow.

Hayley had the BRcA1 gene so was told at 30 she had an 80% chance of getting breast or ovarian cancer and just a year later that nightmare came true. This is genetic so that means all of her 5 children could carry this gene causing them problems later in life and is especially worrying for her 3 girls.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up in Hayley’s memory to raise money for Hayley Davies-Bateman Cubs fund, so far reaching £2611.00. if you wish to donate, the link can be found here;