Support the Bobby Scheme appeal for the “CO-Be Alarmed”

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The Bobby Scheme is calling on businesses in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to raise £10,000 for carbon

monoxide detectors to protect vulnerable and elderly people in their own homes across the region this


Known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that cannot be seen or smelt without a

CO detector, putting lives at risk every year, especially as fires and boilers which run on gas or oil are

switched on for the winter. Fitting a CO detector remains the best way to protect family and homes against

CO poisoning.

The Bobby Scheme’s 2020 “CO-Be Alarmed” campaign

23 November saw the start of Monoxide Awareness Week, and the Bobby Scheme plans to raise £10,000

this winter to buy and install up to 800 CO detectors across the region and are appealing for support from

local businesses and individuals to help fund the initiative.

Supported by the emergency services and local authorities, The Bobby Scheme provides a free service to

elderly and vulnerable people, promoting crime prevention, home security and fire safety initiatives.

Qualified Bobby Scheme fitters visit homes to give safety advice and, if necessary, fit CO detectors free of

charge in the most effective places around the home to offer the greatest protection for residents.

Theresa Pratt, General Manager of the Blue Lamp Trust, the charity which funds and supports the Bobby

Scheme in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, said: “We are running this appeal in conjunction with CO

Awareness Week and Energy UK’s “CO – Be Alarmed” campaign to reduce the number of deaths and

injuries that happen every year due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

“If we can raise enough for 800 detectors, that means we can provide our service throughout the winter

when the risk from CO is at its height.”



Despite the potential dangers of CO, 66% of UK households are without a working detector. According to

the NHS, CO poisoning causes around 60 deaths each year in England and Wales. People who are

particularly vulnerable to CO poisoning include:

 Those with chronic heart disease

 Anyone with respiratory problems

 Pregnant women

 Babies and young children

During Covid19 lockdown, the elderly and vulnerable people who are living alone and spending more time

indoors are at particular risk of CO poisoning. This is why Bobby Scheme fitters are paying particular

attention to CO detectors during their home visits.

CO can be produced by any fossil fuel burning device, from gas cookers and oil boilers to wood burners, so

many homes and rental properties could be harbouring a potentially deadly appliance, especially as they

get switched on after a summer of disuse. However, some simple steps can help protect against CO leaks:

 Ensure ventilation in the home, especially chimneys, is not blocked

 Get appliances serviced regularly to ensure they are in good working order

 Know the signs of CO poisoning and know what to do if symptoms appear

The Blue Lamp Trust

Since 2011, The Blue Lamp Trust has been a leading national provider of training and assessments for taxi

licence applicants and private hire car drivers for over 120 licensing authorities.

Income made by the not-for-profit organisation funds the Bobby Scheme in Hampshire and the Isle of

Wight, an initiative to improve home safety and security for the vulnerable and elderly.

Any businesses or individuals interested in sponsoring CO detectors can visit the campaign’s donations

page at https://bluelamptrust.org.uk/bobby-scheme-landingpage/ or phone 0300 777 0157.