Product Recall: Counterfeit Anti-Choking Devices Sold Online

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Product Recall: Counterfeit Anti-Choking Devices Sold Online

The Office for Product Safety and Standards has issued a product recall for counterfeit anti-choking devices that were sold via various online marketplaces including Amazon and Ebay. These devices pose a risk of choking due to their poor design and quality. The corrective action includes recalling the product from end users and removing listings from online platforms.

Product Recall: Counterfeit Anti-choking Devices Sold Online

Product Information

  • Type: Medical Device – Anti-Choking Device
  • Product Identifiers: Counterfeit and unbranded copies lack the UKCA/CE mark, details of the manufacturer, UDI, and serial numbers on the device.
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Description: Yellow and clear plastic counterfeit anti-choking devices intended to alleviate choking incidents. The plastic colour may vary in unbranded copies. There is no CE or UKCA marking.
  • Product Report and Image: Link to Product Image and PDF


Anti-choking devices are designed to alleviate choking incidents after Basic Life Support protocols have been attempted and failed. However, counterfeit and unbranded anti-choking devices present significant risks:

  1. Worsening Choking: These devices may not work effectively and could worsen the situation by pushing obstructions further down the airway passage.
  2. Similar Design: Counterfeit devices closely resemble the genuine LifeVac anti-choking device but primarily originate from China. Authentic anti-choking devices marketed in the UK are not manufactured in China.
  3. Inadequate Instructions: The instructions provided with counterfeit products do not sufficiently communicate warnings, steps, and considerations for safe use.

Corrective Action

  • Amazon has recalled the product from end users, and customers have been notified.
  • Listings have been removed from the following online marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, Fruugo, OnBuy, Facebook Marketplace, and DesertCart.
  • Owners should verify the authenticity of their anti-choking device using the provided guidance.
  • Important: If you suspect that your purchased device is a counterfeit or unbranded copy, do not use it during a choking emergency. Dispose of counterfeit products safely.

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