Son Appeals to Three Angels who Pulled mum out of Sea in Cowes after heart attack

air ambulance called after woman pulled from water in cowes

A son who’s mum was at the centre of a major rescue operation involving, Police, ambulance Coastguard and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight air ambulance has issued an appeal to the three men who pulled his mum motionless from the sea on Monday from the busy water in Cowes.

Speaking exclusively to UK News in Pictures Ryan Cuthbert who lives in Cowes said: “My mum was pulled out of the sea at Cowes by two males, and she had CPR delivered by an off-duty nurse, on Monday when she suffered a heart attack while swimming, after being spotted inactive in the water.

The actions of these 3 people are monumental in the possibility of recovery to her, and I would greatly appreciate it if anybody knows who they are, and could let me know.
Thre angels were there that day, and our family desperately needs an opportunity to thank these individuals for the part they played in the rescue prior to the emergency services arrived.

Obviously, our thanks also extend to the police, paramedics and the air ambulance service too who all responded with haste, and the hospital staff in the high level of care she is still receiving.

Heartfelt thanks will still never be enough to express the level of gratitude for all involved, it’s very early stages but our thoughts and hopes for the next few days remain high and positive.

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