Owner of Ipad gives thief 48 hours to return it

owner of ipad gives thief 48 hours to return it

A dopey thief who was wearing glasses a blue t-shirt and shorts who stole an Apple Ipad has been given 48 hours to return it.

Nikki Price who works at Newclose on the Isle of Wight has taken to social media issuing the claim and just for good measure to show she means business she has released the CCTV showing the man who stole the Ipad and was seen snooping around certain areas within the business.

The Ipad is connected to the find my iPad and the owner tracked it to an address on the Island.

Revealing they are prepared to give the thief 48 hours to return it or face action from the Police for the theft.

It’s a pointless theft it’s no good to him it’s password protected and it’s I-cloud locked so just do the right thing and return it.

Do you know who the thief is ..?