Red Funnel Chief Engineer arrested after drunk outbust on board Lunchtime Ferry

man arrested by police after incident on board lunchtime ferry in east cowes

As previously  first reported  we exclusively  revealed  that  the a man has been arrested on board a busy  Red funnel this lunchtime.

Police were called to the ferry port  in East Cowes just  before the  midday  sailing.

A call was made  by a  concerned member of  staff on board the Red Eagle ferry to Police after the man  became very abusive toward other  staff and passengers.

One man aboard  the  ferry  who spoke to us  said  minutes earlier that there was a lot of shouting and banging on board. The man looked like  he’d been drinking. He was being very loud and aggressive towards anyone who approached him.  Some of the passengers on board  thought he was a member of the red funnel staff.

Police officers rushed to the scene just before 12.00pm  as the vessel was about to sail and the man was detained  handcuffed  and led away  by Police.

Staff  on board the ferry said that they  had launched an internal investigation into the matter involving a member of staff.

A  Spokeswoman from Red funnel has confirmed that a  staff member  has been detained by Police :

“Red Funnel can confirm that an engineer on the 1200 hrs sailing from East Cowes was arrested by police before the vessel was due to sail. The company received no prior notification of the arrest and as such customers on this sailing were delayed by up to 60 minutes before the vessel was cleared to sail. This also had a knock-on-effect by delaying the 1200 hrs sailing from Southampton by 30 minutes.