Isle of Wight Morrison’s customers targeted in Text scam

isle of wight morrisons customers targeted in text scam

Morrisons is warning its customers to avoid a phishing scam designed to encourage them to handover their credit card details.

Customers are being targeted with e-mails and text messages to a website, which purports that they have come second in a prize draw.

The website asks users to sign up with their credit card details but Morrisons can confirm that it is a scam.

The fake website is designed to look similar to Morrisons own website and has links to it.

Morrisons online team said: “Phishing scams are designed to get personal and financial information from unsuspecting victims.

We want internet users to know this is not our website and that this appears to be a scam to gain access to customers’ credit card details”

The scam website went live today and Morrisons has already taken steps to prevent people being affected: the website has now been removed and e-mail providers are being informed about the fraudulent mail.

Morrisons online team said: “We’ve taken action to have the website taken down and are alerting email providers to the scam emails but we want to warn people that have already been sent the e-mail not to hand over their personal details.”