Urgent Manhunt for Clapham Chemical Attack Suspect Intensifies - Intensified Search for Abdul Ezedi Leads to Raids in North Tyneside as CCTV shows him entering Battersea Park

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Home Breaking Intensified Search for Abdul Ezedi Leads to Raids in North Tyneside as CCTV shows him entering Battersea Park

Intensified Search for Abdul Ezedi Leads to Raids in North Tyneside as CCTV shows him entering Battersea Park

The manhunt for the suspected Clapham chemical attacker, Abdul Ezedi, escalated as law enforcement agencies expanded their search to North Tyneside. In a strategic move, armed officers from the Metropolitan Police and Northumbria Police conducted raids on two addresses linked to Ezedi early this morning, including his place of employment. Despite the extensive searches, no arrests were made, though the operations have provided new leads for the ongoing investigation.

The focus on North Tyneside underscores the determination of the police to capture Ezedi, who has been on the run since the attack on January 31. The joint operation between the Met and local police forces highlights the collaborative effort to locate and apprehend the dangerous suspect.

Back in London, the investigative team has made significant progress in piecing together Ezedi’s movements following the attack. New analysis of CCTV footage has tracked him crossing Chelsea Bridge, extending the timeline of his known whereabouts by an additional 30 minutes. This development could prove crucial in narrowing down potential hiding spots and predicting his next moves.

In a concerted effort to gather more information, a large contingent of officers returned to Lessar Avenue in Clapham, the scene of the horrifying incident, to conduct week-on appeals. Commander Jon Savell emphasized the importance of community engagement in the investigation, noting that 250 leaflets were distributed and numerous residents were spoken to directly. The police also reached out to local Afghan restaurants and members of the residents’ association, reinforcing the wide net being cast in the search for Ezedi.

Commander Savell expressed gratitude towards the public for their ongoing support and information, urging anyone with knowledge of Ezedi’s whereabouts to come forward. “Thanks once more to all those members of the public who continue to contact us with information, we are hugely grateful,” he stated.

The Met has established a hotline (020 7175 2784) for tips related to the case, and emphasizes that immediate sightings of Ezedi should be reported via 999. Additionally, a £20,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of Abdul Ezedi, reflecting the urgency and seriousness with which authorities are approaching the case.

As the search for Ezedi continues, law enforcement remains committed to ensuring the safety of the community and bringing the suspect to justice. The public is encouraged to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity that may aid in the capture of this dangerous individual.

Updated timeline of Ezedi’s movements on Wednesday, 31 January

  • 00:15 – Ezedi’s vehicle is seen in Newcastle
  • 06:30 – His vehicle is then seen travelling into Tooting, London
  • 16:30 – A further sighting of his vehicle is confirmed in Croydon
  • 19:00 – He is then seen driving in Streatham
  • 19:25 – The attack takes place in Lessar Avenue, SW4, before Ezedi makes off in his vehicle which crashes nearby. He leaves the car and runs off.
  • 19:33 – Ezedi boards a train at Clapham South Tube Station.
  • 19:59 – He is then seen leaving that train at King’s Cross Tube Station.
  • 20:42 – He is then seen on CCTV leaving Tesco at 21 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX. He exits and turns right.
  • 21:00 – Ezedi enters King’s Cross Tube Station and boards a Victoria Line tube southbound.
  • 21:10 – He gets off at Victoria Tube Station and heads towards the district line.
  • 21:16 – Ezedi boards an eastbound District Line train.
  • 21:33 – Ezedi exits Tower Hill Tube Station.
  • 21:47 – He is seen on Allhallows Lane, EC3. He travels through a passage to Cousin Lane. Then he turns right, walking towards Upper Thames Street.
  • 21:51 – He then turns left onto Upper Thames Street
  • 21:54 – He travels along Upper Thames Street
  • 21:59 – Ezedi passes the City of London School on Pauls Walk, EC4, heading towards Blackfriars Bridge. He passes the riverboat pier.
  • 22:04 – He then passes the Unilever building and heads towards Victoria Embankment.
  • 22:06 – Ezedi passes Carmelite House, junction with Carmelite Street towards Temple.
    22:28 – He passes Westminster Pier, goes up steps and continues towards Westminster.
    22:33 – Ezedi seen walking south on Westminster bridge
  • 22:36 He walks across Westminster Bridge, down steps on the London Eye side towards Lambeth
  • 22:42 Ezedi is seen walking west on the south Thames Path towards Lambeth Bridge
  • 22:55 He travels along the Albert Embankment approaching Vauxhall Bridge
  • 23:00 Ezedi crosses Vauxhall Bridge towards stairs (Houses of Parliament side of the river)
  • 23:03 – He crosses Vauxhall Bridge Road, into Grosvenor Road.
  • 23:10 – Ezedi walks westbound past the Shell petrol station
  • 23:19 – He passes the Thames Water Building, Grosvenor Road, heading towards Chelsea Bridge
  • 23:25 – He crosses over Chelsea Bridge and enters Battersea Park. (image released today)
  • 23:27 – He crosses back over Chelsea Bridge towards the north side.

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