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Road Rage Incident Leaves Elderly Woman Injured: Woman Pushes Pensioner Over in Parking Dispute

A disturbing road rage incident unfolded on Redbourne Avenue, near Finchley Central, on March 16, 2022, when a 44-year-old woman, Kay Davis, pushed a 79-year-old pensioner, Dorothy Lyndsay, causing her to fall and sustain injuries. The shocking incident was captured on camera and recently played in court during Davis’s trial.

The confrontation began when Ms Lyndsay, who walks with a crutch, attempted to reverse her car out of a parking space. Davis, driving a silver Mercedes GLC SUV, blocked her exit. As the situation escalated, Ms. Lyndsay got out of her vehicle and tapped on Davis’s window, asking her to wait. Davis continued driving toward her, prompting Ms. Lyndsay to slap the SUV’s bonnet. In response, Davis left her vehicle, squared up to Ms Lyndsay, and pushed her forcefully, causing her to fall and hit her head on the pavement.

Davis then callously retrieved her handbag from her car and walked away, leaving the elderly woman injured and unconscious on the rain-soaked road. Shocking CCTV footage presented during the trial clearly showed the assault.

During police questioning, Davis denied assaulting Ms Lyndsay and claimed that she was merely “gesticulating” to prevent the pensioner from damaging her car. Despite the overwhelming evidence from the surveillance footage, Davis persisted in denying the assault and nearly took the case to trial.

Jonathan Mole, the prosecutor, explained that Ms Lyndsay’s memory of the incident was unclear, as she believes she lost consciousness during the confrontation. In her impact statement, Ms Lyndsay described the traumatic experience and the severe injuries she suffered, including bleeding profusely from her face. She recalled waking up on the ground and being assisted by members of the public who protected her from the rain with their coats.

It took approximately 40 minutes for the ambulance to arrive at the scene, during which Ms Lyndsay lay in a puddle in the gutter. She was subsequently taken to the hospital, where she received treatment for her injuries, including cuts to her eyelid and lip, brain bruising, and damage to her dental bridge, valued at £7,000. She continues to experience knee pain, and X-ray results from the previous year are still pending.

In court, Davis’s defence argued that she had “come to terms” with the incident, and Donna Longcroft, her defence counsel, claimed that Davis had not intended to cause harm. However, Judge Karim Ezzat expressed his disbelief at Davis’s lack of remorse, emphasizing that she had shown no concern for leaving an injured woman on the ground. He sentenced Davis to 11 months in prison and ordered her to pay £1,000 in compensation. The charge of driving a motor vehicle dangerously was left to lie on file.

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