A Sheffield man has been sentenced to time behind bars for multiple robberies across the city

Kaul Cross, 19, of Milnrow Crescent, Sheffield has appeared before Sheffield Crown Court for sentencing after pleading guilty to charges of robbery, Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH), wounding and affray.
Last year on Sunday 9 June 2019, Cross robbed a 20 year-old man who was sat on the grass around Broomhead Reservoir. Cross approached the victim and asked if he had anything on him, when the victim did not respond, Cross grabbed him and told him to ‘hand everything over’. Cross then proceeded to assault the victim by stamping on his head and leg, before leaving with the man’s wallet, and headphones.
Following the incident, Cross was identified as using the victim’s stolen bank car at Parson Cross Filling Station and Texaco Petrol Station, spending over £75.
Officers identified Cross as being involved from CCTV. CCTV also captured the registration plate of the car Cross was using which helped officers locate him.
Investigating Officer PC Katie Gillatt explains more “Officers recovered the vehicle and forensically examined it; cigarettes inside revealed Cross’ fingerprints. We also located a fast food receipt and CCTV footage from the restaurant showing him driving the vehicle.”
Following the robbery of the 20 year-old man, a second victim came forward and reported she had had her handbag stolen by Cross on the same date.
Cross was subsequently charged. He did not provide a comment throughout his interview but pleaded guilty to the offences at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court.
PC Gillatt added: “Cross used intimidation and violence to steal victim’s property.
“This is appalling behaviour and is unacceptable. I hope the victims and wider community take reassurance in the fact that Cross is now serving time in prison.”
Cross was sentenced to 45 months in prison.