Three teenagers have been jailed for the murder of Anthony Adekola in Colindale in September 2020

Three defendants, who were found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey on 22 June following an eight week trial, appeared for sentencing at the same court on Friday, 5 November where they were sentenced as follows:

Ta-jaun Subaran, 19 of New Brent Street, Hendon was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 22 years.

A 17-year-old boy, was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 18 years.

A 17-year-old boy, was sentenced to 17 years and six months’.

On Saturday, 5 September 2020, at approximately 9.14pm, Anthony Adekola was fatally stabbed on Martlesham Walk as he walked home from work.

The court heard that Anthony left work and walked towards Booth Road from Montrose Park, heading towards Martlesham Walk.

As he did so, CCTV footage on Booth Road showed that two vehicles, travelling in convoy, stopped and parked close to Martlesham Walk.

These were both mini cabs hired from a private company.

A group of men exited the vehicles and waited on Booth Road for a matter of seconds before Anthony crossed the road towards them.

CCTV footage showed Anthony standing on the pavement, speaking to them for a few seconds before suddenly running away.

Anthony tried to make it home but tripped over a concrete bollard on the way into the alley, where he was caught by the suspects.

Anthony was stabbed repeatedly by the group – his wounds were fatal.

The group of suspects quickly exited Martlesham Walk, going back to their waiting vehicles where they drove away, in convoy, towards Colindale Avenue.

Anthony was left in the alleyway with catastrophic injuries that ended his life within minutes.

At around 11pm Anthony’s body was found in the alleyway by his brother and his friends.

Police and London Ambulance Service attended the scene, but Anthony was pronounced dead at 11.45pm.

The post mortem examination gave the cause of death as a haemorrhage and a stab wound to the neck. In total, Anthony was stabbed nine times with knives of varying lengths and blade types.

The vehicles at the scene of the murder were identified following a thorough investigation.

Officers used forensic evidence to tie the suspects to the scene. There was a fingerprint found inside the taxi – using specialist techniques, officers got a hit on a match to one of the seventeen-year-olds..

He was also linked to a facemask that was found inside the police cordon. DNA was found inside the mask which matched that of the suspect and placed him at the scene.

Further evidence acquired showed Subaran and the other teenager either called taxi companies, or tried to do so, and these calls were shortly before the group left in the taxis to travel to the murder location.

On 12 September 2020, both the Seventeen-year-old and Subaran were arrested on suspicion of murder at their respective home addresses.

On 6 October 2020, the second seventeen-year-old was arrested on suspicion of murder. He had been stopped in the street outside his home address and was found in possession of a lock knife.

The three men were charged with Anthony’s murder and remanded in custody to stand trial.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil John said: “This group drove to Colindale together to commit a senseless act of violence. Their actions ended the life of a young man, and devastated a family.

“In addition, they will now spend the best years of their lives behind bars.

“While there are no winners in this case, there is nothing but loss, I don’t doubt that the streets are safer now that these three have been jailed.

“Anthony was innocent. He was an unarmed, unsuspecting victim of a targeted horrific attack.

“The murderer’s intention to kill Anthony was clearly demonstrated by the frenzied nature of the injuries and the variety of weapons used in the attack.

“My thoughts today are wtih Anthony’s family, I hope that the knowledge that three killers have been removed from society will bring them a small measure of closure and comfort.”