Chav Fest as Professor Green Stops mid Set asking where the parent …?

chav fest as professor green stops mid set asking where the parent

A large fight broke out in the crowd during the Professional Green set at the Fairweather family festival on Friday night being held on the Isle of Wight this weekend.
The fighting got to the point that the headliner who was brought up on the tough Northwold housing estate in Clapton, Hackney stopped his set and asked for calm and for people to stop fighting.

Pro Green known to his fans encouraged people to stop fighting and listen as this was one of his favourite songs. The first night of the two-day event being held at Sandown airport on the Isle of Wight has been labelled as “Chav Fest” really pushing Security who spent most of the evening breaking up a large number of fights. It is understood that a number of the family left early due to the fighting. Some described it as a shambles being that it was labelled as a family event.

Green who known not to mince his words asked the crowd of approx 3,000 people:”Where are the Parent..?”
Some of those fighting were adults but a large number where underage drunk kids.
The Second day of the event has not gone off without drama either after a large group jumped fencing put up around the airport to stop people from gaining entry without a ticket. The drum and bass area has also been closed off to try and regain some control and move the people over as there was no one to watch Dappy.
The festival is very disorganised said many of those attending. After masses of complaining the Drum and Base area was reopened and Dappy stormed off stage and then stole a buggy.
The headline due to close the two-day event Razorlight is due on stage some this evening (Saturday)

Zoe Hendy said: “There were so many young kids at the drum and base area without parents that shocked me this year and so many fights going off,that ruined what is a good festival to raise awareness of mental health, it is those people that ruined it not the young man, who was trying to raise awareness and not in a million years would I allow my young 14/15 ,there to get drunk and there was so many without a parent to watch over there teenager child, shocking ,next year he just have to say no under 18 yrs old in that area, without a parent as this year they just spoilt it for those ,who were just trying to have a good time and support the awareness of mental health

We approach Fairweather festival organiser Prince Chav Callum Fairweather for Comment He has yet to return our call or issue a statement.