Burst Water Main shoots 20 feet into the Air in Whiteley

Whitley,Hampshire  Saturday 9th January 2016 A burst water main has caused residents to be without water and flooding a Whiteley Road in Hampshire.

Residents in  Road reported seeing one of the road’s mains burst at around 10pm last night (Friday) The water from the main could be  seen shooting 20 feet into the air on Whiteley Lane

The resulting water flow then travelled downhill, causing a flood at the road’s mini roundabout.


Households in the local area   will be experiencing problems with their water supply as the pressure has been reduced so contractors from Southern Water can   the  problem.
Paul Martin  who home is in the effected area said  he was taken aback as he saw water gushing from the main outside his house

He said: “We’ve had no water for most of the morning, and we’re just starting to get little drops now.
“I reported it at around 10pm, and it has taken a while to get under control as they had issued finding where to shut off the main. I was just about to go to bed   and just heard all this water outside, and assumed it was raining.

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“I opened the curtains, and could just see it all just pouring out. The water people have been great as they were on to the scene very quickly.
“When you compare this with what’s been going in with Aberdeen, it’s absolutely nothing. It’s just an inconvenience really, and hopefully it can be sorted as quickly as possible.”

A spokesman for Southern Water said  they are doing what they can to fix the problem.