Warning to Dog Owners after Palm Oil Washes up on Southcoast Beaches

warning to dog owners after palm oil washes up on southcoast beaches

Dog owners are being warned to keep their pets on leads after a substance believed to be palm oil washed up on beaches across the south coast

Deposits of the yellowish or white waxy substance have been found on beaches.

Palm oil is not harmful to humans but can be fatal for pets, particularly dogs, if ingested.

This picture shows palm oil is soft enough for dogs to scratch and eat ad is being washed up

The blocks were found on the beach today they were exceptionally large, often they’ll be much smaller.

The strange blobs emit a stench of diesel and were thought to be firelighters. but the source of the pollution has yet to be found. But the Maritime and Coastguard Agency identified it as solidified palm oil, a substance used in food, soaps, shampoos and biofuels.

It is harmless to humans but can kill dogs unless they get swift treatment which involves being fed charcoal to soak up the oil and induce vomiting.

Dog owners are being asked to be vigilant for these deposits which are currently being washed up along the South Coast beaches

If you have a dog which shows signs of being unwell subsequent to a shoreline walk, and you think they may have ingested any of this substance, then please seek Veterinary advice as soon as possible.