Fire Crews Fight Fire at Two Million Pound Churt Property

Approx 60 Fire fighters and support crews are at the property in Jump Lane, Churt near Farham Surrey .

Fire crews where called  to the millionaire row just before 7pm this evening.

There are currently 8 Fire Appliances, 1 Aerial Ladder Platform, 2 Water Carrier  and crews have reported that the  1.9 million pound property is well alight on the 1st floor and the roof of the property. Fire Hoses can be seen weaving down the the local roads.

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Surrey Fire and Rescue service called upon neighboring Hampshire  to help with the fire fighting efforts, Crews from as far as Rushmooor have been called in. Hampshire Fire and rescue  have sent four appliances and their Red Cross FES vehicle to the scene. A second request was made for a water carrier from Hampshire as the efforts of  the fire crews is being hampered due to lack of water supply and the pressure from the local hydrant despite being boosted by Surrey Water.

Two Water carriers are now working  to relay water to the scene from the Village near the Pride of de Valley Hotel. Fire crews  took approx  3 hours to gain control of the blaze  that has ripped through the 1st floor of the property. The cause of the  blaze is still being invesigated.

Speaking at the scene on Thursday night, a group manger from Surrey Fire and Rescue Service said: “The owners of the property were devastated and being that it was so near Christmas make it’s even worse.

“A house fire is devastating at the best of times.

“It is expected that crews will remain at the scene well into the night.”