Fire and Police search teams urge public to let professionals carry out search for missing Anthony Knott

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Sussex Police and  East Sussex Fire have urged people not to go out and looking for the missing Orpington Man who has now been missing for nearly Six days after he went missing whilst out for drinks in Lewes, East Sussex

The East Sussex fire service  issued a safety appeal  to volunteers thinking of searching for missing dad-of-four Anthony Knott. They have urged them to let them carry out the search and to stay safe.


A huge emergency response  of search and rescue teams from Police, Fire and Lowlands Search and rescue  have descended  into  Lewes, following  the firefighter’s disappearance from a pub crawl in the area on Friday (December 20).

His disappearance has been described as out of character and he has now been classed as a high risk missing person.

His bank card and phone have not been used since Friday and he could not be contacted from 7.30pm onwards.

In a statement issued by East Sussex Fire and Rescue and Sussex Police  they have  warned people to keep themselves safe. “We know lots of you want to help search for London Fire colleague Anthony Knott – but please don’t put your own safety at risk, especially near the river in Lewes.

“”Sussex Police are co-ordinating the operation which we are helping with.””

Mr Knott’s partner, Lucy Otto, has also been out searching.