Fire crews called to 5G Mobile Phone Mast set alight in Ruislip

fire crews called to 5g mobile phone mast set alight in ruislip

Two Fire crews from the London Fire Brigade  have been called to Field End Road in  Ruislip in the early hours of the morning after a 5G mast was set alight.

Crews were called just after 1am on Friday morning 

Two fire crews  tackled the blaze using two hose reels.The mast  has been severely damaged by fire causing thousand of pounds worth of damage.  A joint investigation has been launched by London Fire and the Met Police 

People have been setting fire to 5G towers following a conspiracy theory that radiation has had something to do with the global spread of the novel coronavirus.

The rumour began after people started claiming that Africa hasn’t been as affected by Covid-19 as it is not a 5G region – but the World Health Organisation has since shut this down when it stated the continent has several thousands of confirmed cases.

The UK government has also said there is ‘no evidence to suggest that 5G has anything to do with Covid-19’.
Despite that, however, it seems some people remain convinced that there is a link, with such messages being spread via social media – including a Stop 5G Facebook group, where some users have encouraged others to target 5G towers and engineers.