Fire crews called after Wind blows out Southsea house windows

fire crews called after wind blows out southsea house windows

Fire crews from Southsea and a specialist Aerial ladder platform was called into action early this morning after strong winds blew out a set of Window frames from a third floor property.

The aerial ladder platform based at Southsea fire station was called in to make the area safe. A cordon was put in place whilst fire crews made the remains of the frames safe after wind had blown the window open and smashed the window onto the pavement below on Palmerston Road this morning. Lucky no one was hurt in the incident. A neighbour who did not wish to be named at first thought it sounded like a explosion “I was feeding a dog called Brogue, when I was startled by a loud bang and the sound of breaking glass the glass than started to rain down on to the pavement below. It was by luck no one was walking past.”

Structural engineers from Portsmouth City Council’s building control department have visited the house to begin surveying the drama.