Police offer amnesty over bad Ecstasy tablets on the Isle of Wight

four people hospitalised after bad ecstasy circulates on the isle of wight

Police are warning people on the Isle of Wight about a rogue batch of ecstasy tablets that is circulating on the Island that has led to at least 4 people having to be treated in hospital. An 18 year old man has been charges with the supply of drugs.

The tablets have made people appear to act drunk, become very aggressive, very frightened and lose consciousness. Four of the people are currently in hospital, one remains in a serious condition. It must be stressed that taking these tablets could be life threatening.

It’s believed three of the people affected so far bought the tablets from someone inside Yates bar in the High Street, Newport on Friday, July 1 or Saturday, July 2. Those buying them were told they were ecstasy. Yates is currently working closely with police to assist them in this matter.

Officers are warning people not to take any tablets they may have bought recently as ecstasy. Where possible they are asked to hand them into police who can then analyse them as part of the investigation and make sure they are disposed of correctly.

Detectives working on the case would like to reassure people that anyone who hands potential ecstasy tablets into police on the Island with the intention of preventing harm to others will not be prosecuted for possession of illegal drugs.

A spokesman for Isle of Wight NHS Trust said: “These four individuals have had a very lucky escape but it will be several weeks before we know whether they will have made a full recovery. St. Mary’s Hospital had to open and staff an additional area to treat and monitor the four. This resulted in the cancellation of scheduled surgery on Saturday morning for several other patients.”

More information about drugs and their effect can be found on the NHS Choices website at Drugs advice can be found on the Frank website at or by calling 0300 123 6000.