Ambulance Answering Emergency Call Gets Stuck in Sainburys

ambulance answering emergency call gets stuck in sainburys

This ambulance driver was left embarrassed after he ended up getting stuck in a car park while attending an emergency.

The paramedic had been called to an emergency at Sainsbury’s, in Newport, Hampshire, yesterday, when his vehicle became stuck.

Not only did he manage to get wedged in between the low ceiling, the medic managed to smash off all the lights as well.

Fortunately, the medics were still able to attend to the patient and another ambulance was dispatched to take the patient to St Mary’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, it took seven Sainsbury’s staff to get the ambulance out of the tricky situation by deflating each of the tyres.

Chris Smith, Clinical Director for Ambulance Urgent Care & Community, commented: ‘Whilst attending an emergency at Sainsbury’s yesterday, the ambulance became stuck as it attempted to go through the car park instead of around the side, to the main doors.

‘The patient was still attended to by the ambulance crew without delay, and another ambulance was dispatched to convey the patient to St Mary’s Hospital.

An investigation is now underway to work out what happened.