Copnor Community Centre Targeted by Low Life Scum Bag Burglars Twice in Two Weeks

copnor community centre targeted by low life scum bag burglars twice in two weeks

A much-loved Portsmouth community hub and gardens has been the victim of two break-ins in as many weeks, leaving volunteers feeling heartbroken.
The first break at Copnor’s Stacey Centre took place last Wednesday evening. The yobs, who police now have CCTV of, gained entrance to the building and ransacked the place.
Their Stroke Club cupboard was smashed and charity tins were stolen, the Friday Club cupboard and tuck shop were also broken into and the till was taken and smashed-up.
They even destroyed the sweet carousel in reception to remove the small amount of cash and all the sweets.
Last night, they broke into ‘The Men in Sheds’ shed.
“These guys have worked really hard over the last couple of years to get the place up and running, its so disheartening,” a volunteer said.
“We do have very good footage of the first break in, and have clear faces of about 4 or 5 individuals, and this has been given to the Police who will be taking the matter further,” The Stacey Community Centre said in a statement.
“We are a small charity, breaking into a community building is NOT acceptable. This is a building for the community as a whole to use, and one day the people committing these acts will probably rely on a building like ours.
“Hopefully we will still have community building in the future, but if this keeps happening then our future might not be so secure. If anyone has any information that might be valuable, then please get in touch.”
Community spirited Amy O’Shaughnessy has set-up a GoFundMe page to help with the costs of repairs to this brilliant local asset and you can donate here: