Autistic boy from Portsmouth to complete Fire Fighters Charity cycle

autistic boy from portsmouth to complete fire fighters charity cycle

An Autistic boy from Portsmouth is to complete Fire Fighters Charity cycle
Andrew Impey, 11, is embarking on a 133-mile (215km) cycle ride visiting 29 fire stations between Portsmouth and London.
Andrew, who is on the autistic spectrum, is raising money for the Fire Fighters Charity.
He was previously made an honorary member of the New York Fire Department for his fundraising efforts.
Andrew Dane wants to see every fire station in the country to raise money for charity. Andrew who is from Cosham, began his journey in February 2015 and has since visited 1047 stations, including every station in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Sussex, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Shropshire, Suffolk, Cheshire, Cleveland and Tyne & Wear.
He has also visited 10 in Denmark, 2 in France and 51 in New York.
Any money donated through JustGiving will go to The Fire Fighters Charity, a great charity supporting the UK fire community.

You can keep up with my challenge by following @andrewdaneuk and #OneLadsChallenge on Twitter.
Andrew said: “Two years ago I could not read or write, I had very poor social skills and I struggled to communicate with people I didn’t know.

“Through my fire station journey and support from my new school I’ve now learned to read and write, I’ve become outgoing and I communicate well – especially with firefighters and support personnel.

“I have had a fascination with the fire service for quite a few years and I’m on a mission to visit as many fire stations as I can.

“During my visits I have met many firefighters who have been injured and received help and support from The Fire Fighters Charity. This has made me want to help too and I am now raising money for the charity.

“Also on my journey I have raised awareness about autism and told lots of people that the fire services do so much more than just fighting fires.”