Police Launch Probe after School Girls Attacked and Sexually Assaulted in Portsmouth

Police have launched a probe after Two girls at a Portsmouth school have been sexually assaulted by two fellow pupils, two Romanian boys. It is understood that the school who we are not naming have also launched it’s own investigation and are said to be working with Police and Parents. It is also understood that the two boys Involed in the probe have also hurt the girls physically (by pulling out their hair and keeping it in their pocket! At first and despite the girls parents talking with the school these boys continue to harrass and intimidate the girls, causing them lots of anxiety and being afraid to go to the school. A concerned parent contacted the Police over the weekend. A source within Hampshire Police has confirmed that an investigation has been started into the alleged allegations and attacks. One concerned Parent said that it is important that people know about this and that they should make their children aware that boys involed are as young as 11 and 12 years old. Hampshire Police have yet to release any further details on the investigation. Despite the investigation the two boys Involed remain at the school