Cowes Harbour Commission’s Say Ship Building is at Risk of Ending on the Isle of Wight

This Thursday, 24th May, sees Cowes Harbour Commission’s Annual Public Meeting taking place for the first time at The Sugar Store in Shepards Marina. It’s hope that many of our harbour users and those who live and work in and around the harbour will join us on the evening.

There are several major issues, challenges and opportunities facing Cowes Harbour and the Island. At the Public Meeting, a presentation will be based on the six key points highlighted. The main focus will be on the current priority to agree urgent solutions for maintaining shipbuilding and marine employment sites with good harbour access in the Medina. Unless the Island delivers these urgent solutions, we are in real danger of losing Wight Shipyard, Aluminium Marine Consultants and their skilled marine jobs. This situation may result in the end of shipbuilding in Cowes and on the Island. The presentation will also provide an update on the East Cowes Regeneration and Outer Harbour Project and its linkages to marine employment.

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