Arsonist’s Attack Nine Acres Community School in Newport

arsonists attack nine acres community school in newport

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service and Hampshire Police have launched an arson probe and are studying school CCTV after they were called to extinguish a fast-moving fire in the hedges on the back playground on Wednesday evening. It is understood that mindless low lives had decided to set it (The Hedge) alight with lighter fluid. Firefighters have removed samples and are working with Police.

Crews swiftly tackled the blaze that has left the school and its community in shock.
A spokesperson for the school said “We can’t begin to express our pure sadness and upset as well as shock that someone would choose to do this. The Fire Brigade resources are stretched so much -saving lives-that this mindlessness is so unnecessary. We are so grateful to the Little Acres Team who acted swiftly and supported the process and the Fire service for ensuring our wonderful school remains unscathed.
As a community we urge you to please report any unusual behaviour to 101 and please remind your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces that playing with fire is dangerous and could have serious consequences.