Grass fire seen as far as the Isle of Wight

Residents in the LocksHeath and HuntsPond Area of Fareham are being as advised to please stay indoors with windows and doors closed for the time being as Fire crews from Hightown and Fareham deal with a grass fire within Tichtfeild common. The large smoke plums can be seen on the Isle of Wight.
Crews from Fareham and Hightown tackled a grass land fire off Hunts Pond Road in Fareham this afternoon. An area stretching 100M x 100M has been severely damaged by fire. Crews used two hose reels, one main jet and beaters to prevent fire spread and for damping down. Two properties were evacuated by firefighters as a precaution and residents in the surrounding area were advised to stay indoors and close their windows and doors. The cause of the fire is yet to be investigated. Crews had the fire under control at just before 4.40pm