Drug dealer who struck man with curtain rail in Gravesend jailed

drug dealer who struck man with curtain rail in gravesend jailed

A drug dealer who struck a man around the face with a metal curtain rail has been jailed for over 10 years.
Simphiwe Tibe left his victim lying in the street with serious facial injuries following the dispute, which took place in Gravesend following an argument about drugs in November 2018.
Tibe was initially unidentified but his role became clear after he was arrested twice in the following 10 days for supplying class A drugs and an unrelated disturbance.
The 26-year-old, of Romulus Road in Gravesend, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and possessing heroin and cocaine with intent to supply. He was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on Thursday 25 April 2019.
The court heard that on 15 November 2018 Tibe supplied a small quantity of cannabis to a man in Aurora Court, Gravesend.
Upon handing over the drug, Tibe was accused of under weighing the product and an argument took place. This led to the offender striking the victim over the head with a metal curtain rail.
The blow caused the victim to lose four teeth and he had to receive extensive hospital treatment for multiple fractures to his face.
Tibe’s identity was initially unknown however he was arrested one week later by plan-clothed officers patrolling the Waterton Avenue area. These patrols observed a known drug user approach Tibe before walking away with a package.
Tibe was searched under the Misuse of Drugs Act and a large amount of cocaine and heroin was found inside his coat pocket.
The drugs were seized, along with a mobile phone which contained numerous messages relating to the sale of illegal substances.
At the time of the arrest, Tibe had not been identified as the offender for the assault and he was initially bailed so officers could conduct forensic tests on the drugs seized.
Two days later Tibe became involved in a disturbance in Aurora Court, Gravesend, and the attending patrols were aware he had since been identified from CCTV capturing the assault.
He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of the offence and charged. He has been remanded in custody since.
Detective Constable Mark Donovan, an investigating officer for the case, said: ‘Tibe has shown himself to be a highly dangerous offender that is willing to make money from drug dealing and assault those who challenge him.
‘There is no place for such behaviour and it is only down to good fortune that the victim did not sustain injuries that were life changing.
‘The sentence imposed is entirely justified and I am pleased that the court has taken the same, robust stance we take against drug dealers and those who chose to carry and use a weapon.’