High Voltage Power Cut effects Homes in Ventnor

A high voltage power cut has hit homes and businesses in and around the Ventnor area this evening (Monday). 

Engineers from Southern and Scottish Electricity Networks (SSEN) are en-route to investigate the fault affecting 71 postcodes in the PO38 area.

The fault was reported to SSEN at 7:34pm and their approximate restoration is expected by 9:30pm tonight.

SSEN Apologise for the loss of supply.

“We apologise for the loss of supply. We currently have a fault affecting the areas listed.

“Our engineers are on site working to get the power back on as quickly as they can.

“If you need more information, please call us on 0800 072 7282 and quote reference ‘EQ0554′”

The affect postcodes at the time of the loss, are as follows.

PO30 1UD PO38 PO38 1AP PO38 1AR PO38 1AS PO38 1AT PO38 1AU PO38 1AW PO38 1AX PO38 1AY PO38 1AZ PO38 1BA PO38 1BB PO38 1BD PO38 1BE PO38 1BG PO38 1BH PO38 1BJ PO38 1BL PO38 1BN PO38 1BQ PO38 1BW PO38 1DD PO38 1DG PO38 1DJ PO38 1DL PO38 1DP PO38 1DQ PO38 1DR PO38 1DS PO38 1DT PO38 1DU PO38 1DW PO38 1DX PO38 1DY PO38 1DZ PO38 1EB PO38 1HB PO38 1HG PO38 1LZ PO38 1NA PO38 1NB PO38 1ND PO38 1NE PO38 1NF PO38 1NG PO38 1NH PO38 1NJ PO38 1NL PO38 1NP PO38 1NQ PO38 1NS PO38 1NZ PO38 1PA PO38 1PD PO38 1PF PO38 1PJ PO38 1PL PO38 1PN PO38 1PW PO38 1QP PO38 1RY PO38 1RZ PO38 1TB PO38 1TH PO38 1TN PO38 1TS PO38 1TW PO38 1YH PO38 3AE PO38 3AX