Fire fighters Witness a firenado whilst tackling a blazing inferno

fire fighters witness a firenado whilst tackling a blazing inferno

Whilst Fire crews were firefighting at Occupational Lane near Ashby they witnessed a firenado or a fire whirl it’s created as cool air enters the top of the hot air causing a swirl similar to how a tornado is formed.

Fifty firefighters battled the blazing inferno as it ripped through a South Derbyshire factory in the early hours of this morning. Tuesday August 7th

Nearby residents were told to keep their windows closed after 60ft-high flames caused thick black smoke to billow into the sky and created plumes of smoke which could be seen up to 26 miles away in Nottingham.

The fire in Occupation Lane, in Woodville, began just after 1.40am today, Tuesday, August 7, with 10 fire engines from three separate counties sent to tackle the blaze.

It took firefighters nearly 12 hours to get the fire under control, which saw thousands of plastic bread trays go up in flames. Crews then spent the rest of the day damping down.

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