Suspected Child Groomer Arrested by Police at Asda in Fratton

suspected child groomer arrested by police at asda in fratton

A suspected child groomer was quickly arrested by Hampshire Police officers after a sting operation at the Asda in Fratton this morning (Sunday)

The man named as  Avi Josi  who is believed to be from the Caversham area of Reading. The man who drove a white Nissan Jazz is down in Hampshire staying at  a local  hotel whilst he studies on a computer course at the Highbury College.

The man who befriend who he thought to be a 14 year old school girl. For the  past six weeks the pair have been  talking over social networking.   The man  than arranged to meet the girl for Breakfast at Asda  and if they liked each other, he had  arranged to take her bowling after he had taken her  back to a hotel  for  sex.

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The string  operation took place at just after 10.30am on the top of the Asda Car Park , Somers Rd North, in Fratton.

Police  arrested  one man who is  currently  being  questioned at Portsmouth Central Police Station for the Offence of  allegedly  grooming  an underage  child for sex