Two men from Luton were found guilty and jailed for raping and assaulting a woman, after police were called by concerned members of the public who heard her screams

At around 12.30pm on Thursday 3 March 2020, officers responded to a concern for welfare in Hockwell Ring, Luton, and found a distressed woman who had been raped, sexually assaulted, and beaten with objects, including a table leg and a vacuum cleaner pipe, by two men.
On Wednesday (17 February), Alyas Hussain, 41, of Newark Road, Luton, and Slamet Nazir, 38, of Cavendish Road, Luton, were both found guilty by the jury at Luton Crown Court, of raping and assaulting the woman.
On sentencing, Her Honour Judge Gilbert, said: “This was an appalling, brutal joint attack. Hussain had an arrogant belief, evident from the way he spoke to police, that she was expendable. He was less directly involved in the sexual assaults, but his violence facilitated them.
“The disrespect and contempt they had for this victim was clear”.
Hussain was sentenced to serve 15 years’ imprisonment for rape, assault by penetration and wounding with intent.
Nazir was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment for rape, assault by penetration and wounding with intent, and he was also placed on the Sex Offenders Register.
Detective Sergeant Clare Gilbert, who led the team of investigators at Bedfordshire Police, said: “The level of violence and fear, in this case, is one of the worst I have ever known in my time as a police officer. If it wasn’t for the intervention by the members of the public, I am in no doubt the outcome would have been much worse.
“I would like to thank the people that came to this woman’s aid, firstly by reporting the incident to us, but also by providing such strong and compelling evidence that the jury saw through Hussain and Nazir’s lies.
“We will always seek to prosecute anyone who commits rape or sexual offences, and the length of the sentences handed down here reflects the depraved level of their offending.”
Detective Inspector Michelle Lack added: “If something has happened to you, please report it. We will believe you, and we will do all that we can to investigate so that perpetrators are brought to justice and you receive appropriate support.
“We have specially trained officers who work closely with highly skilled, specialist and empathetic partners to ensure anyone who has experienced rape, or sexual assault, can access the help they need.”
Victims of rape and sexual assault can receive support and guidance from Bedfordshire Police and partner agencies, including the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), as well as support through the criminal investigation process.
Reports of sexual assault, even if non-recent, can be made to the police by calling 101. Always call 999 in an emergency or if you are in immediate danger.
You can also contact Bedfordshire’s SARC by visiting the Emerald Centre or by emailing , or alternatively calling 01234 842750.
If you have been affected by crime, the Signpost Hub offers free and confidential support to victims in Bedfordshire, whether it has been reported to police or not, and irrespective of where and when the crime occurred.