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Cutting Edge AI Technology Helps Capture Registered Sex Offender Viewing Indecent Images of Children

In a groundbreaking development, cutting-edge AI technology has been utilised to apprehend a registered sex offender who was viewing indecent images of children. Thomas Young, a 34-year-old individual, was caught red-handed when e-safe global software was installed on his phone. This software was designed to capture and screenshot any activity that artificial intelligence deemed suspicious or concerning.

On 15 March, the software logged two indecent category C images, and just three days later, it detected four more along with one image classified in category A – the most serious category – involving a girl aged between 12 and 14 years old. Disturbingly, all of these images had been accessed through the Telegram application.

Further analysis revealed that Young had installed and uninstalled the app a total of twelve times between 11 February and 18 March. This timeframe is particularly alarming as it occurred shortly after Young had received a suspended prison term for similar offences.

Young had previously appeared before the Carlisle Crown Court a decade ago, where he was sentenced for inciting a girl aged under 13 to engage in sexual activity. As part of his punishment, Young was subjected to the strict terms of a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO). This order imposed stringent restrictions on his online activities for an indefinite period.

Unfortunately, Young had breached the SOPO twice before. Once in 2023 and again in early February, resulting in a suspended prison sentence. Astonishingly, shortly after being spared jail time, Young violated the order once more.

Additionally, Young had failed to disclose two online usernames that had been active earlier in the year, a breach of the sex offender notification requirements.

During his court appearance, Young admitted to making indecent photographs of a child, breaching the SOPO, and flouting the notification requirements twice. His defence lawyer claimed that Young had been feeling “lonely” and had been under the influence of cocaine during his latest criminal conduct.

In light of the seriousness of the offences, Judge Nicholas Barker sentenced Young to 18 months in jail. In addition to the prison term, new strict court orders have been imposed on Young, including further restrictions and an obligation to regularly provide the police with personal information. These orders will remain in effect for the next 10 years.

This case highlights the effectiveness of cutting-edge AI technology in combating the distribution and viewing of indecent images of children. The use of such advanced software serves as a powerful tool in identifying and apprehending individuals who pose a threat to society, ensuring the safety and protection of vulnerable children.

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